Gabriela Fernandez,


Interested in urban metabolism ideologies, nature based technologies, and material flow analysis (environmental assessment) of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Fernandez is Co-founder of the Metabolism of Cities (www.metabolism of a non profit organization which attempts to group together tools, data, research and publications related to the metabolism of cities or urban metabolism.

She obtained her Ph.D. in Urban Planning, Design and Policy in the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy.

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Gloria Morichi,


Licensed architect, she holds a double M.Sc of Architecture degree from Politecnico di Milano and  Politecnico di Torino, with a focus on Technological and Sustainable Design. She also graduated from the highly selective Alta Scuola Politecnica. 

She is interested in material and technology and researches on innovative building envelops. She also attends workshops and seminars on urban regeneration processes and studies systems for our cities and communities to be resilient and in equilibrium with nature.

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Lucas Bandeira,


M. Sc, Architect, Urban Planner and Landscape Architect based in Brasilia, Brazil. Bandeira is interested in the future of architecture as shaped by innovation-driven technological achievements, as well as the classical language of architecture. He is also the founder of Bandeira Arquitetura, his own personal architecture design studio. His design philosophy is "inside-out" sustainability of the human dwelling. 

He attained his Master's Degree in Sustainable Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.

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Nebula is an international team, made up of professional from United States of America, Italy, and Brazil, experts in the fields of Urban Planning, Architecture, Design, Building Technologies and Environmental Sciences.

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